Screen Mesh

Ironwire screens are manufactured using German technology, proven to be the best in the world. Ironwire screens are made by weaving specially treated steel wires conforming to DIN 17223/A designed to withstand the most demanding work environment in the Middle East.

Latest Technology

The high-tensile carbon steel wires are pre-crimped in warp and weft to achieve precise dimensional accuracy. Enormous weaving splendor are interwoven to produce apertures which allow the classified material to pass through or over.

Ironwire screens are produced using the latest generation, electronically-controlled and fully-automatic German machinery commissioned at the factory situated in the industrial hub of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates by engineers and technicians trained under German supervision.

Vibrating Screens

Ironwire screens are used in high-speed vibrating screens made to withstand rigorous fatigue treatment produced by the screens surfaces and can survive the day and night attrition experienced in quarries, sand and gravel pits.

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Woven Wire Cloth

Ironwire screens are wire clothes made in its various types of weave to achieve precise screening requirements, especially in segregating crushed stones, sand and gravel.


  • Ironwire screens have tremendous advantages over old generation screens
  • Consistent quality of wires as per DIN 17223/A
  • Special anti-corrosion coating to prevent oxidation even in extremely hostile conditions
  • Precise aperture size coating to prevent oxidation even in extremely hostile conditions
  • Precise aperture size ensuring perfect regularity of sieving results
  • Long service life due to weaving as per ISO 4783/3

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Different Types Of Crimping

Ironwire screens are manufactured in different types of procedures. The most common types are shown below:



  Single Crimp Execution,

 As per DIN 4192-Form A


 • Flat Top Execution,

 As per DIN 4192-Form E


 • Lock Crimp Execution,

 As per DIN 4192-Form D


 • Double Intermediate Crimp,

 As per DIN 4192-Form C

                *Other types on request

Various Types of Hooks Arrangement ‘V’, ‘U’, ‘L’

Hook Types

Tensioning of Woven Wire Screens

In order to avoid premature wearing out of wire screens, it is essential to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the screening machine being used.

Wire diameters and aperture sizes

Ironwire screens are assembled using wire selected from a wide range of diameters to achieve aperture sizes resulting in many combinations as required for screening operations.

CON Chart 7a

CON Chart 7b

*Weights and open screening areas are approximate for your reference.

*Any other type of wire screen with apertures, wire diameters and profiles not  listed above could be made specifically to order.

*SS 304 and SS 316 meshes can be custom supplied to requirement with forward delivering.

ARMORED® Steel Mesh

ORF offers superior quality-crimped screen meshes made with high quality PU coated wires. These ARMORED® meshes are incredibly abrasion resistant & give 5-7 times more service life than ordinary crimped meshes. It is also suitable for aggregate washing applications since it effectively eliminates corrosion.

  • Maximum tear, impact and abrasion resistant elastomer
  • Corrosion and rust outs are almost eliminated
  • Standard 83A durometer(hardness) elastomer
  • Suitable for any size aggregate screening & washing
  • Decreased plugging due to improved flexibility
  • Less operational sounds


ARMORED® Screen Panels

We offer superior heavy duty screen panels made with high-tensile steel wire mesh as reinforcements. ARMORED® screen panels are incredibly abrasion & tear resistant and fare much better than other crimped meshes & Hardox plate panels. Aperture sizes are available from 10mm to 120mm.

  • Maximum tear, impact and abrasion resistant elastomer
  • Standard 80-95A durometer(hardness) elastomer
  • Long wear life and less maintenance cost
  • Less operational sound
  • Suitable for big sized aggregate screening
  • Decreased plugging, pegging and blinding problems due to the unique tapered openings
  • Virtually no deck modifications required
  • Aperture shapes are almost unlimited
  • Corrosion and rust outs are almost eliminated
  • Max. size 4m X 2m & openings up to 120mm


Heavy Duty Panels



Modular Screen Panels ARMORED®

We offer an extensive line of screen openings and surface configurations to accommodate your exact production specifications or operational needs, all produced using our unique casting process ensuring consistent quality, panel after panel.

Modular systems consist of a multiple of screening segments installed on a special support frame that accepts locking attachments to hold the modular screening segments.

  • Openings from 0.5mm to 100mm to suit the applications
  • Square and rectangular configurations are common – 12” x 12” or 12” x 24”
  • Standard 83 A durometer (hardness) elastomer. Others on request
  • Different size designs with suitable reinforcements
  • Unique tapered design for the openings to avoid plugging
  • Corrosion and rust outs are almost eliminated
  • Less operational sound
  • Individual screening modules are produced more economical  than tension mat
  • Types available for both screening & washing applications
  • Modular panel fixing accessories also available. Eg) Wedges, clamp pads, side fixing pins and plugs
  •  Individual segments may be relocated or replaced when required due to wear or damage


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