Equipment & Structures




Over the years ORF has established itself as a professional organization with expertise in design, engineering of conveyor and screening systems for material handlings in quarries, cement factories, steel and process industries, ready mix plants, ports and related industries. ORF has been rapidly expanding its base across GCC countries with offices and service facilities operational in Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. Every client can be assured that ORF bases its reputation on quality equipment, services and products.

The growth of the company is due to recognized improvements in the productivity of our customer's operations. Less and shorter downtime means more production.

Strength and Capacities

  • Engineering, manufacturing and supply of material handling equipment, related spares and a wide range of technical rubber products
  • In-house & on-site fabrication
  • Specialized in heavy engineering fabrication
  • Pressure vessels & piping
  • AMC & emergency shutdown works
  • Provides optimising solutions to customers for their existing material handling system through planned inspection / consultation visits




ORF has equipped workshops with automatic TIG – MIG, SArc welding facilities and machining centers, skilled fabricators and weld qualification certified welders with good expertise and rich fabrication experience.

ORF keeps regular stock of components at all times. ORF’s factory and store’s proximity to customers for example crushers and cement companies facilitate deliverables to customers at short notice. ORF provides one stop turn-key solutions to all material handling needs including equipment, fabrication and spares; with successful work histories in this region, supported by a comprehensive and reliable after sales services.

Manufacturing of equipment: belt conveyor systems, belt feeders, vibratory feeders, roller conveyor systems, bucket elevators - belt & chain; screws, vibratory screen decks.

Structural Fabrications: conveyor frames, transoms, gangways, trestle supports, walkways, coverhoods, crusher & screen deck supports and platforms, hoppers, bins and silos. Tanks, pressure vessels and pipes.

ORF is a major manufacturing company for material handling systems with an engineering work force strength of 185, ahead of its competitors in range of equipment, component-products and services covered under one roof.

Service team offers maintenance round the clock


ORF Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt conveyors are used to convey a wide variety of materials & products in horizontal or inclined movement for a short or long distance. Conveyors are durable and reliable, quick and efficient, cost effective means of handling/transportation of bulk volume of materials.

ORF is the pinoeeer in manufacturing of standard and customized belt conveyor systems for bulk handling of primary materials and other industrial applications in Middle East. Reliable, optimum design and minimum maintenance are salient features.

  • Available in single channel or box channel / tube designs
  • Light, medium to heavy duty applications
  • Range 400mm to 1600mm belt width, lengths up to 1km
  • Capacity up to 4000 TPH
  • Inclinations 0 – 30° for Fabric-steel reinforced belts
  • Range of spares and safety instruments available

Types of belt conveyors: belt plain fabric or chevron, steel chord, corrugated. Side walled & cleated. Other conveyors: gravity or driven rollers chain, drag, buckets, screw, pneumatic and overhead. ORF complies to major international standards of conveyor manufacturing and is a member of CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer Association)

Applications: mining, ore handling, cement plants, process industries, crushers and quarries, fertilizers, batching plants, recycling, packaging etc.




ORF Roller Conveyor Systems

ORF manufactures roller conveyors that are standard or customized for handling of packaging, warehouse and other industrial applications.
  • Available in channel frame / plate design
  • Type: gravity fed(A), chain-pulley driven rollers
  • Fixed or mobile, extendable option available
  • Light to medium duty applications/ capacity
  • Size Range: 300-1200mm width x any suitable length





ORF Bucket Elevators

ORF are manufacturing standard and customized bucket elevator systems for bulk-handling of primary materials and other industrial applications. This is one of the most efficient ways to elevate bulk materials at a higher degree or vertically. Manufactured to rigid quality standards. ORF is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

ORF bucket elevator consists of a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain with pulleys or sprockets located at the top and bottom of the unit. The buckets are located in a casing or housing to contain the material. Bulk materials are loaded into each bucket as the buckets move past the inlet point. ORF designs and manufactures a wide variety of bucket elevators based on the characteristics of the bulk material and the process requirements.

Salient Features:

  • Type: Fabric belt with steel – PU buckets , chain link
  • Coorugated side walls – cleated
  • Range – 200mm to 1200mm belt width & any heights
  • Many different bucket and casing sizes-range available
  • Inclination – 45°-90º
  • Material handled: fine to coarse
  • Inlet section can be control fed or flooded
  • Completely enclosed for dust and weather-tight operations


Applications: lime processing, glass, ore, sand, fooder, sugar, food grain and related industries

ORF Belt Feeders

ORF manufactures belt feeders of standard and customized belt conveyor systems for bulk handling of primary materials and other industrial applications. Facilitates material flow and controlled feeding.

  • Available in single channel or box channel / tube designs
  • With closely spaced impact rollers, drum pulleys, necessary dust seal skirtings and suitable drive units
  • Light, medium to heavy duty applications
  • Range – 400mm to 1600mm belt width
  • Capacity – upto  1000 TPH
  • With or without troughing, and side wall corrugation


Applications: below hoppers, bins, silos as in batching, block, quarries, process Industries

ORF Vibratory Tray Feeders

ORF manufactures felt feeders of standard and customized vibratory tray feeders for bulk handling of primary materials and other industrial. Facilitates material flow and controlled feeding.

  • Available in box tray channel / plate design
  • With optional wear liners and grizzly bars, necessary dust mounted with suitable imbalance motors for necessary feed vibrations to tray
  • Light to medium duty applications
  • Size Range: 300-1200mm W x 600-3000mm L
  • Capacity – upto  500 TPH


Applications: below Hoppers, bins, silos as in batching, block, quarries, process Industries.

ORF Screw Conveyors

ORF manufactures screws of standard and custom sizes and capacities for fine materials handling, power, cement, sand / clay wash.

  • Available in single or twin lead screws in a pipe shell open or closed designs.
  • Light to Medium Duty Applications.
  • Range – Dia 200mm to 500mm x 18LM
  • Capacity – upto  300 TPH

Screw Conveyor

Applications: Cement, Sand, lime powder, etc.

ORF Vibratory Screens

ORF manufactures vibratory screens of standard and customized sizes and capacities for fine to coarse materials handling.

  • Available in single or twin vibrator on a pipe shell connecting both end frame / plate.
  • Light to Medium Duty Applications.
  • Range – 800-1500mm w x 1500-3000L
  • Capacity – upto  200 TPH

vib screen

Applications: Aggregate, ore screenings

ORF Screen Decks

ORF manufactures screens decks of standard and custom sizes and capacities for fine to coarse materials handling at secondary and tertiary applications of quarry and process plants.

  • Available in single to 4 decks, eccentric shaft with imbalance weights.
  • Light to Heavy duty Applications.
  • Range – 800-1500mm w x 1500-3000L
  • Capacity – upto  350 TPH

screen deck

Applications: Aggregate, ore screenings

ORF Screen Deck Features

  • High screening efficiency
  • High capacity and reliability
  • Long bearing lifetime
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rigid in construction
  • High quality screen meshes
Applications: Crushers / quarries, Mining plants, Compost plants, Sand-washing plants

ORF Screen Decks

ORF screen decks are made to withstand rigorous fatigue treatment produced by screen surfaces and survive day and night attrition experienced in quarries, sand and gravel pits etc

Screens wires used in the OSD is as per DIN 17223/A

Various types of screening medias are used in ocean screen decks, depending on the application

Iron wire screen meshes from wire Dia 1.5mm to 15mm, aperture Size 2mm to 150mm; P U coated wired screen mesh; PU & rubber panels

Screen accssories – Hicial Springs, screen clam and U beading, coach Bolts, & wovem wire meshes raw edge, over hooks – side, end and opposite

Technical Specifications

CON Chart 13

CON Chart 14

** Regular standard size

Ordering Pattern

  • 1) Capacity in tons per hour (TPH)
  • 3) Screening output size in each deck
  • 2) Number of decks
  • 4) Size of deck

ORF Industrial Silos & Bins

ORF manufactures industrial silos & bins of standard and custom sizes and capacities for fine to coarse materials storage such as powdered limestone, cement, aggregates and ores. Silos and bins are designed to handle dry /wet materials, specifically engineered to withstand sesmic forces and wind loads.

  • Type: Welded, bolted construction with suitable supports
  • Size: Unit or inline various sizes; capacity: up to 250m3
  • Material Specs: CS plate fabrication conforming to ASTM 569 / A36 or client specs. 3/16” or thicker. Structural pipes conform to ASTH A53 grade B & bolts ASTM A325.
  • Handrails, ladders, safety cages and platforms are designed to meet OSHA requirements and are welded / bolted in construction, galvanized or painted.
  • Structural weldings shall confirm to latest edition od AWS using AWS certified welders.
  • Strict quality control at critical inetrvals, documented inspection reports,  especially for welds, DPT etc implement during fabrication process.
  • Surface preparation and painting: grit blasted SA 2.5, primed and enamel PU / epoxy painted 2-3 coats 75um min. or to required specs.


Applications: Storage silos for cement, batch mix, cullet, feeder & dump hoppers and bins, inline-aggregate bins for Readymix and block factories.

Project Installation & Commissioning

ORF has a team of dedicated and highly experienced  team of engineers, supervisors and technicians to carry out erection / installation of material handling equipments and related structures at the site with time-framed delivery. ORF has a rich experience in installation & commissioning of plants at various sites in UAE, Oman and Qatar. ORF offers consultancy for complete turnkey projects pertaining to bulk material handling systems.

  • Mechanical engineering and installation
  • Arranging transport and offloading
  • Skilled technicians – welders, fabricators, riggers, conveyor specialists
  • Full erection and commissioning
  • Supply handling equipment, crainage forklift, necessary apt tooling and lifting equipment
  • Supply of civil foundation drawings
  • A full site fiitting and vulcanising service
  • Full site maintenance and service packages to suit many budgets