Equipment Accessories


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Handling Equipment Accessories

Innovation has always been our driving force to success at Ocean Rubber Factory. As part of product development; in 2010 we introduced a new ARMORED® product line which offers unparalleled service life to the products where wear is the main concern. This elastomer-reinforcement solution mainly focuses on aggregate & mining industries where life of the products is limited due to wear. Our ARMORED® products included ARMORED® Wear Liners, ARMORED® Screen Panels & ARMORED® Steel Mesh. These products are manufactured using high -quality polyurethane which has excellent tear, impact & abrasion resistance properties.

The ORF Engineering Division is a diversified and innovative company that serves specific targets of the material handling industry and is acknowledged to be the leading manufacturer of bulk material-handling conveyor systems and technical rubber products in the Middle East. Situated in Al Ghail Industrial Park, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, ORF manufactures conveyor systems and accessories as per BS 2890, CEMA under the brand name ORF Conveyor Solutions / Systems.

ARMORED® Wear Liners

Once installed, this technology prevents wear inside several aggregate handling equipments like hoppers, screen deck sides & other aggregate moving chutes & tracks. It is also used in aggregate washing equipment where it significantly increases the life of the equipment by eliminating corrosion & rapid wear.
  • Maximum tear, impact and abrasion resistant elastomer
  • Superior bonding technology [average bonding = 30kg/in]
  • Standard 83A durometer(hardness) elastomer
  • Suitable for any aggregate hoppers & washers
  • Available in standard orange color
  • Available in thicknesses 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm



Our elastomer scraper blades are used in many conveyor belts. Cast elastomer scraper blades are flexible, non-corrosive, chemically- resistant and can withstand continued service under some of the most demanding conditions. They can be cast separately or bonded to a variety of materials.
  • Maximum cut, tear and abrasion resistant elastomer
  • 90A durometer(hardness) elastomer
  • Different designs to suit applications
  • Available with or without reinforcements


ORF Scraper Systems

Conveyor belts regularly pick up dust particles and parts of the conveying material, especially during humid operating conditions. Specially-designed scrapers ensure that the material does not affect operation as well as collect the material to be sold on fine sand, maximising returns. Scrapers are available as an elastomer (ARMORED®) or in tungsten carbide(HOSCH). ORF BeltJoining Service Centres can conduct a free visit to your operation and suggest the best scraping solutions for maximum return on investment, as well as install and maintain to ensure maximum efficiency in operation.

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Technical Rubber Products

  • Skirt rubber with lip seal
  • ‘U’ profile
  • Impact & support rings
  • Drum pulley lagging sheets: diamond, herringbone, plain
  • Impact and grabber pads
  • Corrugated side walls & cleats
Applications: steel angle conveyor 35-90 degrees and coarse material.
  • Corrugated side wall available size: G80, G120, G160, G200 & G240
  • Cleats available size: TS70 / 170  and  TZ 110/150/180/220


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Belt Fastener Clips

  • Steel and non-magnetic – copper alloy or stainless steel
  • Belt fastener sizes: 1½”, 2” & 2½”
  • Lacing clips – removable; size: upto 1.6mtr

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Belt Lacings


VULCANIZING Material & Tool Kits

  • Heating solution, skim – intermediate uncured rubbers, for hot vulcanizing
  • Cold vulcanizing cement and hardners
  • Drum rubber lagging, skirt rubbers, cement chutes
  • Belt fastner clips and lacings


Safety Instruments

  • Pull chord switch
  • Zero speed switch
  • Belt sway
  • Belt scale
  • VFD’s



ORF manufactures buckets of various sizes from MS plates formed seamless or welded construction, with suitable wear edges or PU waer resistant buckets with fastners.

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Helical & Rubber Springs

Applications: Hanging or mounted feeders and screens, motor frame mounting etc.

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Cover hoods

ORF cover hoods efficiently protect material being carried by belt from being blown off the conveyor. AI, MS or GI steel construction – plain or corrugated models – 135 to 180 full or part coverage. Thickness: 0.6mm to 3mm.

  • Controls fly loss caused by wind, rain, weather contamination etc.
  • Improves safety and work environment
  • With apt handle, hinge steel or rubber strap clamps
  • Self-supporting, safe & easy to install



ORF walkways are carefully designed asiles for a person to walk beside belt conveyor for inspection or maintenance purpose

Comprises of grated platform with Handrails, ladder/staircase and walk around platform as needed

Sizes: 500mm to 1200mm wide railings comprising BS standards



Drive sets

  • Electric motors – 5.5 to 30kw, 1500rpm 3ph, foot mounted; Bevi, WEG.
  • SMSR Gearboxes –  45mm to 100mm bore dia; Fenner and Siti
  • V’ pulley and taper locks



  • ORF stocks & trades Pillow and Take Up block bearings.
  • Ball & roller bearings.

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Impact beds

Impact beds are pre-positioned in areas where impact loads on belt at loading zones are severe.  Impact rubber PU combination sturdy pads are individually fixed or bolted over an equally robust, rigid flame to absorb high impact energy and provide much needed cushion to conveyor belt of falling material.

  • Size: 500 – 1800 belt width
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Minimizes belt damage
  • Reduces spillage and loading
  • Modular adjustable support frame
  • Minimizes belt sway