Belt Joining



Vulcabond is rubber-to-rubber and rubber-to-metal bonding system with or without inclusion of fabric developed by ORF to withstand the hot and humid exposed harsh climatic conditions prevailing in the Middle East. The materials used in the system are of German origin & manufacturing. The procedures followed are in compliance with internationally accepted standards.

Services: belt splicing hot & cold; drum pulley laggings, chute linings etc.

Belt Vulcanization

Vulcanized splicing of rubber conveyor belting is an essential part of the services offered by ORF. The vulcanizing of fabric ply conveyor belting is carried out either under a hot or cold method depending on the requirements and specifications. The vulcanizing of steel chord conveyor belting is carried out under the hot method. The work is done at an ORF service centre or at the customer’s site depending on convenience and requirement.




ORF Drum Pulley Laggings

Moisture and dirt build-up on the pulleys and idlers could lead to mistracking that result in premature & irreparable damage to the conveyor belt. Rubber lagging of conveyor drive pulleys could make considerable improvement to the service life of the conveyor belt.

Vulcabond drum pulley lagging is carried out by a chemically-bonding, abrasion-resistant lagging material to the drive pulley substrate after surface preparation as per BS 6374: part 5: 1985. The lagging increases the coefficient of friction between the pulley and the conveyor belt. Grooved lagging dissipates any film of moisture in humid operational conditions. Vulcabond rubber lagging resists abrasion and reduces slippage in all cases.

The head drum roller (drive unit) of a conveyor slips as a conveyor belt is driven into motion and in its steady state, damaging the belt and consuming power. Lagging the drum with rubber results in maximum friction between the head drum and conveyor belt ensures that the conveyor belt is protected and that the maximum power is transferred. The checkered design on the surface of the lagging sheet ensures that particles and debris do not interfere with performance.

Work can be carried out at the factory as well as at customer's plant site in accordance with international standards ans procedures.


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Rubber to Rubber and Rubber Fabric Bonding System

  • Hot vulcanization of fabric (2-6 layers) and steel chord belts of up to 1800 & 2200mm in width. Up to 2m belt width vulcanizing press available
  • Cold vulcanization of fabric belts up to 2400mm belt width
  • Belt hot and cold patch repairs, edge repairs

  • Suitable bias cut and step length, genuine vulcanizing materials & workmanship result in excellent bond strength
  • Suitable for continuous / intermittent operation in extremely humid, hot and hostile environment
  • Work carried out at the factory as well as at customer’s plant site in accordance with international standards and procedures
  • ORF also supplies endless belts & vulcanizing materials as well as kits

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Rubber to Metal Bonding System

  • Rubberizing of drum pulley, in-house and on-site
  • Hot vulcanized / cold adhesive bondings
  • Wear–resistant re-laggings; excellent bond strength
  • Rubber surfaces – flat, rough top, herringbone unidirectional or diamond / rhombic patterns – two way; crowning

  • Smooth plain surface without lagging for small belt width and power, dry and non-drive ends application
  • Herringbone rubber lagging has big frictional factor, better anti-slippery and drainage ability, but has its own direction
  • Diamond-rhombic laggings are good with better grip for two way operating conveyors
Applications: crushers, cements, iron-al, coal, power, port and warehouse handling systems



ORF field Vulcanizing and Belt Fitting Service

We offer an all-GCC rubber conveyor belt fitting and vulcanizing service and are pioneers with a workhistory exceeding 25 years.

On-site cold vulcanizing up to 2400mm wide and hot vulcanizing is available in widths of up to 1800mm wide with risk assessments carried out as standard and method statements provided where needed.

ORF site personnel are equipped with PPE and necessary tool kits and are well-versed and accredited with Safe Pass / Quarry Pass & fork lifts, slinging & banking cranes, as we not only vulcanize belts for our customers but we fit them as well. It is this ‘one-stop shop’ service that is the ORF Conveyor Belt Joining Center, giving our customers reassurance that not only are they getting a complete service from one single contractor but that it will be carried out safely. We have an express team to provide prompt joining and emergency repairs services. On-call mobilization is done within a few hours of the call.

All of our service teams are fully-equipped to carry out hot vulcanizing, cold vulcanizing or mechanically spliced belts round the clock, 7 days / week.



ORF has beltjoining service centers (five as of 2015) spread across the Middle East to support clients with field services such as conveyor belt joining, drum lagging and emergency repairs to ensure smooth uninterrupted operation. BeltJoining service centers hold a small stock of fast moving conveyor belts, screening solutions, rollers and other accessories to ensure a fast response.

Conveyor belt joints can be offered by hot vulcanisation and cold vulcanisation or by clipping.

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ORF also provides vulcanization kits so that clients can do their joints in-house.

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